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Did you know?
An average home loses 30% of their heat and air through their windows by conduction, convection, radiation, and air leakage.  Let us show you how our energy star qualified windows will save you money.  We guarantee they will never chip, peel, crack, or warp!  Glass packages include argon gas in each glass pane to eliminate condensation, act as a sound barrier, and keep the outside air from coming in. 

*We are EPA Certified for testing and safe removal of lead*
Double Hung Windows
  • have fusion-welded sashes and frames for superior strength
  • triple-barrier weatherstripping for added protection from the outside elements
  • its forced balance system allows for easy operation without sash cords, weights or pulleys
  • this is type of window is the most commonly used window today
Casement windows
  • are the most energy efficient window made since they provide the best seal
  • has a low-profile, single lever locking handle that operates easily and smoothly
  • has a beveled exterior sash that gives a more slimline look
  • has a hinge system that allows sash cleaning from inside of your home
Bay and Bow Windows
  • have furniture-grade veneer
  • are available in many color options
  • allow you to change the basic architectural look of your home inside and out
  • have an exterior roof option for shingles and copper or painted aluminum
Sliding Windows
  • have fusion-welded sash and frames
  • have hidden screen tracks
  • have theft deterrent locks
  • have double-barrier weatherstripping for protecting against the outdoor elements
All of our windows come with lifetime breakage glass warranties.  We offer choices for different frame colors as well.   Call us today for more details!
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